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Our Helpline


We have been providing nationwide support to people within the paver and asphalt community since 1996.

As a charity, we are here to assist employees and contractors including ex employees within the paving industry.

Our helpline operates free of charge, Mon- Sat from 9am-4pm.

We can offer callers confidential and free advice on a variety of issues affecting them.

These include;

  • Advice and support on training and apprenticeships in your area.
  • Advice and support for women and minority groups interested in a career within the paving and wider construction industry.
  • Advice for employees and contractors alike, about the legal requirements.
  • Advice and support on all matters to do with workplace health and safety.
  • Advice for employees regarding payment from a company or contractor.
  • Advice for contractors regarding payment problems for a job.
  • Advice on all aspects of employment law within the paving industry.
  • Advice on how to build a career and career development within the paving community.
  • Advice regarding injuries and accidents at work.
  • Advice about claiming compensation for accidents at work.
  • Insurance advice for employees, contractors and employers.
  • Confidential advice for all callers regarding substance misuse and alcohol issues.
  • Support and advice for all employees about illness and sickness issues.
  • Help with tax management for all in the asphalt paving community – employees, employers and contractors.
  • Debt management and advice to all callers about dealing with debts.
  • Confidential advice and help regarding workplace issues such as bullying in the workplace.
  • Stress management help and advice.
  • Mental health advice.
  • Advice and help negotiating the social security system, for anyone sick and injured or caring for someone affected by ill health.
  • Advice regarding hospital and medical treatment, including insurance information.


We help anyone who is or has been employed in the paving industry, in any capacity, across the country.

In 2016, we assisted over 2000 individuals and more than 400 families in need of help.

We delivered financial assistance to over 1000 individuals directly through our charitable grants.

We assisted many more with advice provided about mental health, debt management and tax advice.

Our national advocacy service has helped hundreds of individuals out in a variety of ways.

Our toll free phone line was used by upwards of three thousand individuals in 2016.

We also refer callers onto other relevant organizations that we feel may be of assistance to them.

 CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800 934 7675