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American Pavers

About Us

We are a national organization that began as a social club for workers in the paving community, but grew into much more.

In 1999, we started as a small and local group organizing meet ups for professionals across the state.

But since then we have grown into a nationwide charitable organization, who exist to provide support and help for anyone working within the paving industry.

As well as our social events and club nights (which are highly popular and we still run regularly across the country) we can also now offer pavers a completely free advice line.

This is open from 9am-4pm six days a week. We give assistance in all matters concerning workers and contractors within the paving and asphalt industry.

If you have any concerns about the workplace, including health and safety worries, you can call our hotline in confidence.

We also provide emotional support for anyone who needs it.

Mental health issues and workplace stress are two of the most frequent issues affecting workers in the construction industry – and the paving community is no different.

Therefore, our call handlers are all trained to deal with people suffering from stress and mental health problems. They can help by referring people onto other, relevant organizations, as well as providing some generalized support.

Our organization receives no public funds and relies on the generosity of the paving and asphalt community to keep its vital support going.

You can make a donation via the link at the bottom of the page. All donations support our highly important phone line and help fund our advocacy service.

We provide advocacy for pavers with workplace problems such as payment issues and disputes.

We can offer help with a range of issues, such as unfair dismissal and contract help.

But we are not just here for the serious side of life, we also like to have fun too.

For the full list of our meet ups and social events in 2018, check out our Facebook page!